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Did you know that calling For Rents are great "yes" to lease purchase leads? Many people have a house that they know they can't sell for what they want or owe, therefore they think renting is the only way to go. Obviously if they are willing to sell instead of renting, they will except monthly payments.

Did you know placing ads in the "For Rent" section will increase your buyers list? The banks have gotten so strict on lending that many people can't qualify for a mortgage, but have money. Many people think that there only option is to rent, until they see your ad to Lease Purchase.

Did you know that "non-motivated" sellers become "motivated" sellers in about 60 days of not getting the response they hoped for? (All cash/Full Price). When following up on old leads, these suspects become prospects. Many investors have to contact a seller around 4-6 times before actually getting a contract on the house. The VA can help with following up on these "non-motivated" leads for you!

Did you know that you can offer a seller more that they are asking if they are willing to lease purchase? Many sellers think they have to sell for cash and don't want to take payments, but if you offer more for the property, they may consider the monthly payments to get a higher final price on the house.
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